Fine Jewellery Design

Liliana Jewellery is the brainchild created by Lili Pecirep, born out of passion for designing and making bespoke, one off and small batch studio jewellery.

About Liliana Jewellery

I design and create small batch jewellery in my South London studio born out of life curisoities and a need to create.

  • Innate Creativity

    I often feel a compusion to create in order to feel alive. It's my form of expression. Some people paint, dance or write - I use solid metals and the earth's treasures to create adornments.

  • Symbolism

    I weave in symbols into the pieces I create, often playing with cultural idiosyncracies, form and shape.

  • Sustainbility

    I strictly work with recycled metals. I enjoy challenges of remodelling old jewellery or using my clients' hairloom jewellery to design and make new peices.

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